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Often as a student, either college or graduate, you are needed to submit your most important pieces of research or bodies of work as a thesis, research paper, dissertation or a complete book report. The presentation of these documents matters a lot and usually goes a long way in swaying your professor or supervisor to give you a better grade. The first piece of this well-fitted puzzle is a cover or title page. This is a one-page presentation and representation of what you’ve accomplished in the rest of the document, and you can literally think of it as the window through which one can peek your work. They say first impressions really matter, and in this case with your title page, they do.

Our cover page maker gives you the benefit of saving time and other vital resources when it comes to generating your title pages. Instead of having to confirm the accuracy of what you’ve done with different online and offline sources, spending hours of laborious research in physical and virtual libraries, let us help you. Create a cover page in just a few minutes or seconds for that matter, through nothing more than internet and a few mouse clicks. Do this for your reports, theses or dissertations and watch instant results generated that never will disappoint.

Our Cover Page Generator Discerns Between Writing Genres

The best part about our cover page generator is that you can choose which citation genre you want to apply to your work and the tool intelligently applies the proper rules to your document. You may need to generate a title page in the AMA, MLA or Harvard techniques. You may even have several documents each using different rules for citation. Our cover page creator is ideal for such scenarios and will assist you to get ahead with your work with the least amount of difficulty. Just select what form of referencing you need on the ‘citation genre’ radio button and pick your preference from the drop-down list.

In addition to just generating title pages, you will get free samples of cover pages in these different disciplines, so that you get a proper mental picture of how your work will look like once you have pressed generate.

Convenience and Ease When You Create a Cover Page Online Free

Once you’ve gotten to the point of actually creating your cover page, the process simply involves cutting and pasting into our application. You can also just type in what you need and press ‘generate’; the result will not be a variant.

For most cover pages the following are the most crucial and recurring aspects of most cover pages:

  • The Title; the main title, e. This is what your document is all about and gives a character-limited summary of what you have done and what your research accomplished. Depending on the writing genre, the institution or the citation style, its placement, alignment and its indentation differs from one document to another.
  • The running header; this is an even briefer summary of the main title and seldom goes beyond 60 characters. It is used as your header for the rest of the document alongside the page number. Its placement and indentation usually depend on the factors raised above.
  • Your personal information; this includes your name, the course title, the school or receiving institution, the date of submission of the document and any other information such as your registration number. Again, its placement, indentation, and alignment depend on the writing style, the course requirements or the nature of the document.
  • The page number; though not an explicit requirement for most cover pages.

Use Our Cover Page Creator Free For Instant Results

Use our cover page creator free by inputting the above information into their respective sections and clicking generate. The beauty of this tool is that you literally have access to a vast library of writing techniques and genres. If you need to cite for the Harvard style, just choose this option and proceed to input the required info and click ‘generate’ to get instant results. How easy does it get?

You can practice as many times as you wish, cut and paste your results into the blank cover page on your Word applications and even save your work for offline access. Our cover page maker online is literally as easy as it gets.

Our Page Cover Maker Is Your One-Stop Solution

Creating a cover page has never been simpler or more convenient. No need for messy paper and trials. Just insert your information and voila; you’re good to go. Our page cover maker tailors you for success. Your cover page is a reflection of your work.

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Be like thousands of other students from all across the world and create a cover page online free using our app. We’re not just limited to students; authors, editors and other professionals will find great comfort in knowing that such a service exists and it can always be relied upon 24/7. Create cover page from a trusted and reliable educational partner.