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They say first impressions matter. Indeed they do, especially with your cover page. If you are writing a thesis or a dissertation, it is essential that your title page leaves a long and lasting impression. The title page gives a first glimpse of how good your work is and why someone should proceed to read it.

We offer an APA title and reference page maker that helps you convey the type of professionalism that your work needs. With our APA title page maker, you have our guarantee that your professor or editor will be thoroughly impressed by your work from start to finish.

Why our reference page APA maker is essential

The American Psychological Association citation manual is one of the most widely used resources for citations by students, scholars and professional writers and researchers all around the world. There are specific rules governing title page creation in the APA system of citation.

They will help ensure that your paper is free from errors and will also leave your professor thoroughly impressed with the quality of your work.

Using our APA title page maker

There key items that you should consider when creating an APA title page are:

  • The Title, either for your thesis, a dissertation or a book report. This should be center-aligned and should be about halfway down in your main page.
  • Your running head, otherwise known as the abbreviated title. This should be preferably not more than 50 characters long and should appear at the top of your page indented left. This forms your header for the rest of the document.
  • Page Number; should be right aligned appearing at the top of every page, and should be about 7 spaces from the header.
  • The personal details section; this includes your name, the date of submission and the name of the receiving institution or department. It should be aligned center, at the bottom of the page and should include any other details like your supervisor’s name and any other information required by your institution or department.

With our reference page APA maker, there are other adjustments that you can make manually to fit the full requirements given by your supervisor. However, our inbuilt tools cover most of what would be needed for your title page creation.

Using our APA reference page maker, jump the common pitfalls that most students encounter when creating their title pages. Stick to the rules and be sure that you have a great introduction to your document. With our reference page maker APA, your document will instantly catch the eye of your professor and will make sure that you get the credits that your work deserves. We’ve been tried and tested, and we always deliver.