We Know How to Get You a Professional ASA Cover Page

The value of a good cover page can never be understated. Whether for a book, a thesis, a dissertation or even something as informal as a newspaper or a magazine, the front page is the crux of it all. It tells the reader what to expect and anticipate even before they pick up your material to read it. We know the value of the cover page, and we have a great tool that you can use to create your own, right from the convenience of your pc.

Our ASA cover page is ideal for students and other writing professionals who are required to do their submissions in the citation genre of the American Sociological Association, otherwise known as the ASA. The professionalism of your cover page may well be the endorsement you are looking to achieve for your professor to be enthusiastic about reading the rest of your paper. Professors, lecturers, and other academic supervisors have read possibly thousands of other papers, in the same genre of writing. It is easy for them to cherry pick errors from your document that may otherwise have been unnoticeable to you. Our title page generator guarantees that you will not be exposed to such errors and that your document will leave a lasting impression.

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The ASA is famous for its use of parenthetical references. In creating an ASA format cover page, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • The typeface and font should be Times New Roman, size 12.
  • A one-inch margin should be maintained all around the entire document including the cover page
  • The Title should be center-aligned, placed at about one-third of the distance from the top.
  • A running head or the abbreviated title should be placed at the top of each page, indented to the left on all pages and should not exceed 60 characters.
  • Your personal information, e., your name, the name of the course, your professor’s or supervisor’s name, the name of the institution and any other information that is required of you by the institution should be below the title, two spaces down.

While there may be other requirements, these are the generally accepted rules for creating an ASA style cover page. We adhere to all these rules and ensure that the document you produce is proper and a true reflection of your work.

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