Get a Chicago Style Cover Page for Your Thesis or Dissertation

Your cover page may well be the most important part of your document. Just imagine, for a brief second, how newspapers or best-sellers and magazines would look like if they didn’t have a proper title page. This is the first thing that anybody is reading your document looks at and from this point, the decision is made to proceed with reading the rest of the document.

Your academic work is no different from books and newspapers. You need to make a lasting impression with your title page. Which is why we offer you a Chicago style cover page generator for all your academic and professional title page creation work.

We have coded all the rules and built intelligence from the Chicago style of referencing into a simple and convenient tool that can be accessed by students, authors and other writing professionals online. The best part is that you don’t need to have any prior referencing knowledge in the Chicago style of writing.

Cover All You Bases With the Chicago Format Cover Page

Your Chicago cover page is the first thing that your professor, supervisor or any other reader sees when they look at your thesis, dissertation or book report. It is therefore crucial that its production be neat and concise with all the rules of Chicago style referencing.

There are several distinguishing features of the Chicago style that makes a Chicago citation cover page unique from cover pages in other referencing genres. Pay keen attention to the following, and you’ll be set on the path to success:

  • The main Title should be center aligned, about a third of the way down from the top of the page.
  • Your name, the name of the institution, the course name and the date of the submission should be written in the middle of the page, about halfway down. These should be centered directly beneath the title.
  • Text should be double-spaced and the Times New Roman, font size 12 is usually the preferred typeface.
  • The name of the receiving institution, the date, course title and other block data should be centered at the bottom of the page, with a maximum of three lines.
  • The cover page is not counted as part of the total page count is not numbered.

While there are other requirements for the title page that you may be needed to satisfy by your supervisor or select discipline, our Chicago format cover page generator enables you to make manual adjustments to the text, thus providing you with a powerful tool that enables you to get the best experience in creating title pages.

Be Thorough With Your Chicago Citation Cover Page

Creating a cover page Chicago style with our app is easy and instantaneous. We’ve simplified the process almost to a science, and it is our hope that you will find great comfort creating your title pages. What are the requirements for generating your cover page for Chicago style? It is important that you have all the details that we’ve mentioned above, possibly in a separate word processing application. You can also type in the information manually but this is cumbersome, and you might make errors with the text. Our tool has interactive dialogue boxes that are easy to follow and direct you on what information to input. For example, if the dialogue box tells you to enter the title, just cut your edited title from your word processor and paste it into the space below the radio button. Do this for all your information like your page numbers, running headers (if needed), and your personal information etcetera. Once you have finished inputting all your information, click generate and voila! Your cover page in Chicago style will be instantly generated. It doesn’t get any much simpler than that.

Your Cover Page in Chicago Style Generated Instantly

We have years of experience with different referencing techniques, and we have coded the intelligence of the Chicago cover page format into this beautifully designed tool. We aim to make title page creation simpler and more convenient for students and other professionals like yourself.

You can countercheck your Chicago style citation cover page with other samples that we have done before. You can also cross-check the page that our app generates with the manual rules for creating Chicago cover pages. Our tool has been tried and tested by thousands of students like you all around the world, and we have years of experience and customer satisfaction as our leverage. We encourage you to try our service today.