Harvard Format Citation Generator for Ebook – and Your References Are Perfect!

Why is it so important to keep up with Harvard referencing style when writing papers or articles? First, because you have to use the outside sources to support your ideas with quotes from reliable sources. Second, these quotes should be cited properly because it is important to acknowledge the source you are referring to. None of you wants to be blamed in plagiarism and have problems with professors or publishers. That’s why you are recommended to use our Harvard format citation generator for ebook, newspaper, book, journal article and any other source every time you are writing a paper!

Save your grades and reputation – cite your sources in a correct and proper manner! And Cite4Me will help you save your precious time.

In what cases should you use Harvard in text ebook citation?

Digital sources are widely used in scientific and academic spheres nowadays. You will need to provide a Harvard in text ebook citation every time you use words from the electronic book in your paper. There are two cases when you should cite the words you include in your text:

  • Direct quote
    When you use someone’s words without paraphrasing, then it is a direct quote. It is important to place the citation marks when you do. Your readers have to know where you are using someone’s words and what source you are referring to. By the way, direct quotations are not the best way of quoting a source. You should use paraphrasing instead of them. However, in some cases you need to include author’s words just like they are presented in the initial source, and if you do – don’t forget to give credit.
  • Paraphrase
    This type of in text citation is much more acceptable than a direct quote. When you take someone’s idea and write it down in your own words, explaining your own understanding – you are paraphrasing. However, it doesn’t mean that a paraphrased idea becomes your idea. You still have to cite it as a quotation.

Whether you are quoting directly or paraphrasing, our free Harvard ebook citation generator will help you create a correct reference! To get one, you just have to insert author’s last name and the year of publication (you can also add the number of page, if needed) and you will get your ebooks citation made automatically!

What do you need to create a Harvard style citation for ebook?

To create a Harvard style citation for ebook and make a correct record of what you have found and researched, it is important to mention the details of the source you have used. When you are making a research, make sure to have a separate page for every new source you are using, whether it is a book, journal article, or any electronic source. This will help you track and remember all sources you have used. Therefore, your reference page will be done in a proper way.To create a reference for your bibliography or “Works cited” page, use our e-book citation generator and do it in just a couple of minutes! To get a perfect reference, make sure to record the following information:

  • Author’s name and last name
  • Publication date (year)
  • The title of the ebook
  • Edition (is this a first one or an other?)
  • The city where the book was published
  • The name of publisher
  • DOI (some electronic books have one)

An online citation generator is a tool that can make a good paper perfect! Use it for your references and submit A-winning papers!