Use a Harvard Format Citation Generator for Newspaper Article for Perfect Referencing

As a student or a researcher, you have to write papers and articles pretty often. Mostly, you cannot create good academic or scientific content without quoting the outside sources. But it is extremely important to identify the source and its author when you are using someone’s ideas. Harvard referencing style is one of the widely-used and acknowledged referencing systems.

If you have problems with referencing your work correctly or don’t have enough time to study thousands of rules, our free Harvard newspaper citation generator will help! All you have to do is just include the source information into the fields you can see on Cite4Me’s website and press the “Generate” button! The tool will create citations or references for you automatically!

Why should you use Cite4Me for your Harvard in text newspaper citation?

Being a member of an academic community or a college student, you have to show the reader where exactly in your papers and articles you have used other authors’ ideas. Failing to cite sources properly may cause you real problems. For example, your professor might blame you in cheating. And if you are an academician, your editor might refuse to publish your work. In scientific or academic environment, using other people’s words without mentioning that these words are not your own, is called plagiarism and it is a serious business. Remember that plagiarism is not just when you copy and paste someone’s ideas into your paper. It is also when you paraphrase someone’s words in your paper and do not mention the original source.

Harvard format citation generator for newspaper article or any other source can save you from disastrous consequences of plagiarism. If your teacher suspects you of copy-pasting without any in text citation, your paper may receive the lowest mark in the best case. In the worst case, you may be excluded from the university.

Correct referencing is more than just avoiding plagiarism. When you provide relevant quotations along with proper reference, you demonstrate that you know the topic and have made a deep research to create your work. You also make your thoughts sound more authoritative by supporting them with the words of experts. This adds credibility to your paper. Also, proper referencing allows your reader to find the sources you have processed and learn more about the topic. This is an important part of your writing, so make sure to use online citation generator to create correct references and save your time.

When do you need to use Harvard style citation for a newspaper?

Obviously, you have to use Harvard style citation for a newspaper when you are writing a paper in Harvard style and need to include a newspaper article citation in it. A reference should be included any time you use the ideas of someone else. The only exception is when you are including information which is considered as common knowledge. A Harvard in text newspaper citation should appear in your text every time you use a periodical as a source. Always reference the following:

  • Direct quotations
    When you copy someone’s thought word-for-word, it is considered as a direct quote. Sometimes you need to copy a quote to illustrate your idea, but try not to overuse of such quotes. Paraphrase author’s words if possible.
  • Paraphrasing
    This is a way of quoting when you put the author’s thought into your words. But it is still the use of someone’s ideas, so you have to cite it properly.

Whether you provide a direct quote or a paraphrase, you need to include the source information in brackets at the end of a sentence, like this:

  • The investigation shows that… (Patterson, 1999).

Or like this:

  • As Patterson (1999) has found…

Use Cite4Me any time you need help with referencing! This will increase your chances for a good grade significantly!