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What is MLA referencing style for journal article?

The MLA style was created by the Modern Languages Association of America in 1985 as a useful way of organizing the sources. It is an academic style guide that widely used in the United States and Canada, giving guidelines for formatting academic papers related to Humanities.

This style is primarily addressed to academic scholars, graduate students, and other advanced-level writers. It is predominantly used in language (English and other modern languages), literature (including comparative literature and literary criticism), media and cultural studies. Many journals in these disciplines demand that papers must be submitted following MLA style 8th edition.

There are numerous websites and databases that provide access to journal articles. Besides, many public and university libraries give free access to such databases. They collect different kinds of scientific journals and make them accessible to researchers. While some websites are free to access, the majority of high-quality databases require a subscription. Are you going to take the information from the reputable journals to complete an in-depth research? If you don’t want to be charged with plagiarism, it is better for you to use our MLA format citation generator for journal article and organize citations due to necessary rules.

How to use MLA in-text journal citation correctly

Preparing paper for the journal, it is significant to present it consistently, no matter what academic style you are using. Accurate documentation of the used sources demonstrates both your attention to the tiniest details of your research and elevates the credibility of your writing project. Whether you are citing a book, newspaper, journal article, or even e-book, the style guide outlines rules you need to take into account to arrange all citations correctly. Let’s see how you can easily cope with MLA in-text journal citation.

To cite a journal article, gather the following pieces of information:

  • Name of the author (If you need to cite multiple authors, mention the author’s last name and then first name. Follow it with a comma. After that add “et al.” in place of the additional authors);
  • The title of the used article;
  • Names of other contributors to the article (If there is an editor, translator, or producer, don’t forget to include the person’s role after the name);
  • Volume or issue number;
  • The date of publication;
  • Page number;
  • The name of the website or database where the cited article was found;
  • The URL.

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