A Quick Way of Creating an MLA Newspaper Citation

Newspapers are publications containing news that is published daily or weekly. They feature articles on sports, society, entertainment, art, business, crime, political events and others. When creating an MLA newspaper citation, you should start by identifying the following information.

  • The newspaper’s name/title
  • The article’s title
  • The name of the article’s author and contributors if available.
  • The version of the newspaper (whether monthly publication, weekend edition, or any other applicable version)
  • The articles location (look at the section number or the page number)

Several things should be noted when citing newspapers. The publishing city should be included in the reference. However, if the name/title of the newspaper includes the city’s name, it should not be included. If a newspaper is a national publication, the publishing city should not be included. When including the city, you should italicize the title/name of the newspaper but not the name of the city.

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Newspapers can either be found in libraries as printed copies or online databases. If the newspaper is a print version, you should start with the last name of the author, followed by the first name. You can use our MLA newspaper citation generator to produce a work cited page that meets the following requirements. There should be a comma between the last and first name. After the last name, there should be a full stop. The title of the article should then be placed in quotation marks. The newspaper title should then be written in italics with a comma that should precede the contributors last name (if available). You should then write the version of the publication, its number, publication date, and location (all separated by a comma and a full stop at the end).

If you need online newspaper article MLA citation for a newspaper from an online database, you should include the database title and URL in this order respectively. The following is an example obtained from an online database article MLA citation.

Work Cited

Davis, Alfred. “The U.S. Government Increases Tariffs for Chinese Imports.” The people’s Voice [Washington, D.C.], 11 May. 2019, p. 9.

Looking for a Sample of MLA Citation Online Newspaper Work Cited Page?

If the article was obtained from an online database, the citation should be as shown in the following sample when produced using the MLA citation online newspaper format.

Work Cited

Wearden, Harisson. “Trade war: China vs the U.S.” The Informer, 10 May 2019, p. 2, www.theinformer.com/globalnews/newsline/live/2018/june/9/china-us-tariffs-batle Accessed 11 May 2019. (note that this is just an example of an MLA citation newspaper article online not, a real citation)

As you can see in the examples of MLA format citation newspaper given above, the references should be double spaced. The font should be Times New Roman 12 point. They should be hanging with 0.5 indentations. The title of the reference list should be work cited or works cited type regular with each word capitalized.

From the sections above, you can see from the discussion in the sections above, citing a newspaper in MLA format is time-consuming. The process is complex and requires much of your attention. You need to find a quick way of completing this process. Luckily, our free MLA citation generator is here for your help. The system generates references in seconds. Save time, eliminate citations errors, and use accurately cited newspapers now! It is simple, enter the newspaper information, save and view the citation and then copy and paste the citation to your paper.

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