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While doing either a draft or the final presentation for your book, research paper, thesis or dissertation, it is important to make a proper introduction. The title page is the first thing that anyone who has taken the time to read your document sees and it is crucial that you make it as impactful as possible. Instead of spending laborious hours trying to create your own, use our online title page maker and generate title pages for any citation technique; Harvard, AMA, APSA, Chicago or the IEEE.

We have built one of the largest databases for building title pages online and we hope to effectively deploy this resource for your benefit. Our title page maker is essential for any student, researcher or professional looking to get the proper layout for their paper. We have sample templates across these different styles which give you a pretty good idea of what yours will look like once you press ‘generate’.

Our Free Title Page Maker Is Ideal For Students

We pay attention to every little detail; the font size, margins, capitalization, headers and every other piece of information that is essential when creating your title pages. Our free title page maker helps ensure that the first thing your teacher, professor or editor sees is a work of art, leaving them enthusing about reading the rest of your work. You need this first page to leave an immediate and lasting impression. There’s no room for sloppy work with title pages, especially for important pieces of work like reports, theses and dissertations.

This page is generally used to provide information about the rest of the paper. In most cases it depends on the requirements of the school, institution or course that you are writing for. It provides general information about the rest of the paper, the most important being your name and the title or content of the paper. Most citation techniques discourage writers from employing any fancy formatting, graphics or any unnecessary information. Usually, and across writing genres, most title pages contain:

  • The Title, i.e. the full title of your research paper, thesis or book. The alignment and page-wise position depends on the citation technique or the writing genre, for example, it may be center or right aligned and the position may be half-way down, at the top or at the bottom.
  • The running head which is a shortened version of your main title. It has a character limit which often depends on your institution. Your running head is used as your header for the rest of the document.
  • Your personal details section. This usually includes your name, the date of submission, the course title and the name of the receiving institution. The alignment, exact page position and character limit depends on the citation method being employed and your institution. It is important to strictly adhere to all the requirements of your institution when checking which information to include in this section.
  • The Page Number. Though not an explicit requirement the page number may either appear at the top or bottom of the page and should be indented depending on the specific requirements.

Our title page generator has built in intelligence that knows how to discern between these different requirements and for various citation techniques.

Title Page Generator for Any Citation Discipline

Use our title page maker free online and save yourself hours of laborious research while still having surety that your document will be the best that it can be. Our tool is meticulous with everything; the font, the caps, the placement, the indents and the alignments. With 24/7 access you can get our title page maker free and at any time during day or night. All you need to do is choose the citation genre you want, cut and paste the various items to be included in your title page, press the generate button and in an instant you will get your page generated. You can then cut and paste the generated results into a word application or export your page into any document format.

With several samples available in the different citation styles, you can get a clear picture of what exactly is needed for your title page. Try and test the app, generate the results and compare what we offer with what you’d get from actually sitting down and doing your references. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how intelligent the app is and how professional the page you generate looks.

Access Our Title Page Maker Free Online, 24/7

The importance of a title page cannot be understated in any work to be submitted. It is important to pay keen attention to how you build this page. You may need to hand in multiple assignments in different citation styles. This would take you hours of research at the library or on the internet. There is a better way to create these pages for your academic, research and professional writing work. Save yourself precious hours and guarantee yourself peace of mind. Use our page-maker tool and get fast and instant results with the kind of beauty and excellence that complements your work.