Generating Your ASA Title Page Is Easier Than You Thought

The title page is the most recognizable element in any report, book, review, thesis or dissertation. The cover page is what introduces your reader to your body of work. If you do it correctly it leaves a lasting impression and leaves your reader enthused to go through the rest of your document. This is the reason we emphasize a proper and correct title page. We, in particular have an online ASA title page generator that you can use to make your work lighter, more interesting and faster.

Instead of counting hours reading script and trying to get the correct method of generating a title page ASA, let your fingers do the walking and the clicks do the talking.

Your ASA Format Title Page Is Your First Impression

The ASA, or the American Sociological Association is one of the most quoted and widely used reference bodies globally. The ASA is famous for its use of parenthetical references. In generating an ASA format title page, there are several key distinguishing features that one should pay attention to. These include:

  • Times New Roman typeface, with size 12 font size.
  • A one inch margin should be maintained all around the entire document including the cover page
  • The Title should be center-aligned, placed at about one-third of the distance from the top.
  • A running head, also referred to as an abbreviated title should be placed at the top of each page, indented to the left on all pages and should not be more than 60 characters.
  • Personal information, i.e. your name, the name of the course, your professor’s or supervisor’s name, the name of the institution and any other information that is required of you by the institution should be below the title, two spaces down.

ASA Style Title Page Should Be Thorough

It is easy to get yourself confused by all these requirements and, in fact, you may lose valuable points because you missed an item or two. Our online page maker gives you that guarantee that you’re looking for when it comes to creating your ASA style title page. It doesn’t miss anything and is discerning as humanly possible and beyond. With just a simple cut-and-paste you can populate the dialog boxes in the sections required and click generate to view a preview of your title page ASA format.

Our Tool Understands the Correct ASA Title Page Format

Take no risks and reduce the pressure on yourself to create the perfect page. With a few clicks you can get our ASA title page format and copy the results to a blank page on your report, thesis or dissertation. It is clean, professional and gets the job done.