What’s Needed for MLA Title Page

Making a title page is a common requirement of teachers. Fortunately, it’s not difficult at all. You need to know your assignment’s title, your name, name, or title of your course, your professor’s name, and the date of assignment completion or submission. To do it right, you have to write everything centered on the page. Learn more about MLA title page formatting requirements in this quick guide.

What Is MLA Format Title Page – A Brief Introduction

The title page, as the name implies, it is the very first page of your assignment. Some teachers don’t require a title page with an assignment when it has to be formatted in MLA style, but you may be asked to make one sometimes. So it’s the first page that’s formatted in MLA format.

Who Needs Help with MLA formatted Title Page

Before getting into the depth of formatting, let’s discuss a little about who needs MLA title page generator. Generally, it’s students who need this service. They have to deal with all kinds of writing styles for their assignments, so they tend to mix up the requirements of different styles. A title page generator helps them format everything as it should be.

How to Make a Title Page in MLA Format

Making an MLA format title page is not just about writing the title and your and teacher’s name – you have to take care of italics, capitalization, and placement as well. In this section, you find detailed instructions about such features. Keep the font of the text on the title page the same as that on the rest of the paper.

General Rules of Distance, Italics, and Capitalization on Title Page

Divide the length of the page into three parts and place the title on top. The title should be placed nearly on the top one-third of the page. It should be written according to normal standards of title capitalization. Except for very short words, e.g. a, for, and in, you have to capitalize the first letters of all words. But the first word has to be capitalized even if it’s one of the small words like an article or a pronoun.

MLA style title page is not punctuated. Also, don’t enclose the title in quotation marks. Leave it simple – don’t underline or italicize it. But of course, if the title inherently constitutes a quotation, you’ll accordingly punctuate that.

After writing the title, leave up to three lines, and write your full name. Then leave another three lines and mention the name of your course, followed by the name of your teacher in the next line, and the date in the last line. If you need more help, you can use our free MLA title page maker or even consult our cool experts. Take our guidance.